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The Charlotte Blagdon Chapel, University of Michigan

24th August 2015
Posted by S Taylor

The Charlotte Blagdon Chapel, University of Michigan


In addition to the Hazel Hunt memorial windows, there are some smaller windows less accessible to the visitor.  These 1929 windows were designed by architectural firm Pond and Pond and fabricated by the Linden Glass Company, both of Chicago.

It was the original intention of Mrs. Henderson, the power behind the project, to provide a restful room, for reading and meditation.   As it was hoped that people of a variety of beliefs would avail themselves of it, symbols of all faiths were incorporated in the designs of the stained glass windows.

Star of DavidThe Star of David was juxtaposed to the Latin Cross in one window, and the Swastika [aka the Gammadion] was placed above the St. Andrew’s Cross in another.  Altogether there are 12 devices in the three windows.

This syncretistic amalgam of symbols is distinctly reminiscent of the iconography associated with the theosophy of Madame Blavatsky established some decades earlier.  In that context the Star of David, the Swastika, Ouroborus [a serpent biting its tail], and the Egyptian Tau all found their place.

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