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Icelandic Symbolism – Part Two

14th November 2015
Posted by S Taylor

The Icelandic for Swastika is Hakakross.  This symbol has appeared in a great variety of contexts over the centuries; it appeared on cremation urns, as a charm for fishermen in all weathers and as a commercial logo for a shipping company. Lucky charms It seems very likely that the Thorshammar was regarded by many Icelanders […]

Amulets in The Celtic World

24th August 2015
Posted by S Taylor

The wheel and its analogues – including the Swastika – were frequently-used symbols in the Celtic world, representing the movement of the sun across the sky. Tiny models of wheels have been found, undoubtedly of ritual significance. In practice, these models would often be worn as amuletic “good luck” symbols. Swastika marks on pottery seem […]