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The Fylfot-Crosses in the church of Saint Mary the Virgin Great Canfield

Foreword by the Rt. Reverend John Perry, Bishop of Chelmsford [1996-2003] Cambridge Universal Publications, 2003 [ISBN 978-9545455-0-5]

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The Fylfot File: Studies in the origin and significance of the Fylfot-Cross and allied symbolism within the British Isles

Review by the late Rt. Reverend John Bernard Taylor, KCVO, Bishop of St. Albans [1980 -1995] Perfect Publishers Ltd, 2006 [ISBN 9781905399222]

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The Fylfot Crosses in the Round Church Cambridge

Foreword by the Rt. Reverend Dr David Thomson, Bishop of Huntingdon. Cambridge Universal Publications, 2013 [ISBN 978-9545455-1-2]
£5.00 Post free[signed by the author]