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US Army 45th Infantry Division

2nd October 2015
Posted by S Taylor

The tradition of adopting the Swastika symbol for military usage had been well established during the first World War.  The Escadrille Lafayette, named after the gallant hero of the French and Amemrican Revolutions, the Marquis de Lafayette, had been composed of volunteer American fighter pilots.  Some of their planes had a black Swastika emblazoned on […]

The Escadrille Lafayette in World War 1

1st October 2015
Posted by S Taylor

During World War 1 the Escadrille Lafayette was composed largely of American volunteer pilots flying fighter aircraft.  It was named in honour of the Marquis de Lafayette, hero of both the American and French revolutions.  Born in 1757 the Marquis de Lafayette launched into his military career at the tender age of 14 by which time he […]

The Swastika Symbol in Canada

9th September 2015
Posted by S Taylor

It’s rather unusual for a town to be called ‘Swastika’.  This particular township was founded in the early years of the 20th Century around a mining site in northern Ontario. The town was formed in 1908 by miners who came to develop the “Lucky Cross” (Swastika) gold mine. During World War 2 people naturally  got […]

North American Swastika Usage

2nd September 2015
Posted by S Taylor

In North America there had been a widespread use of the Swastika as a benign goodwill symbol up until the 1930s.  Even after the rise of Nazism in those years, with its disturbing and diabolical misappropriation of what had been a goodwill symbol worldwide in innumerable cultures, usage continued by its own momentum until the […]