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An Introduction to Amulets and Talismans

11th August 2015
Posted by S Taylor

3  Symbols [3]Not many readers would immediately associate the Swastika with amulets. Yet the efficacy of the Swastika as an amulet or talisman was acknowledged in  a variety of contexts both sacred and secular in East and West.

The numerous examples cited in the Chapter on ”Amulets” in The Fylfot File demonstrate the wide popularity of this symbol as a protective device through the centuries both here in the British Isles and worldwide.

Amulets and talismans might be associated with any of the three main forms of the Swastika-type device, usually known as the Fylfot- Cross, the Swastika or the Gammadion.   Much more detail is to be found in The Fylfot File [2006].

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