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Amulets in the East

14th August 2015
Posted by S Taylor

There are numerous examples of amuletic usage in the Far East involving the Swastika or its equivalent. A çakra (Sanskrit, wheel) amulet from Tibet has four Swastikas in its design, to be worn when one’s “effectiveness is impeded by adverse forces.”

From a very early period the Chinese had great faith in the power of magic symbols. The most popular symbols express auspicious blessings for numerous offspring and a peaceful and prosperous future.

Eastern Amulet
Indian Solar Charm

The Swastika was probably used extensively as an amulet against the Evil Eye, and especially over doorways as a protection against fire in India – the Swastika symbolising the path of the sun, which is recalled by the arch of the doorway.  Another Indian usage is found in a solar charm. This charm was “to be written 120,000 times and thrown into running water.” It was said to grant any wish.

More detail is to be found in The Fylfot File [2006].

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