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The Author

StephenThe Revd Stephen Taylor is a retired Anglican vicar living in Whittlesford, near Cambridge. Educated at St. Edmund’s School Canterbury, he was attached to the Parachute Regiment during his time in National Service, received his BA from Bristol University in 1960 and studied for ordination at Ridley Hall, Cambridge.

His interest in the Fylfot-Cross [aka Swastika in various aspects of British culture] was sparked during an ordination retreat in Pleshey in Essex in the early 1960s, when he chanced upon what appeared to be a series of Swastikas in the stone porch of a Norman Church nearby.

The Editor

BrandonDr Guy Brandon studied theology at Cambridge University.  After gaining his PhD in a field of Old Testament research he trained as a psychodynamic counsellor.  He has authored a number of books and has worked as a freelance writer and researcher on the Fylfot File.    He has worked on a variety of projects with the Jubilee Centre in Cambridge, an organization committed to encourage a coherent vision of society, at the heart of which is the deep concern for right relationships.

The Graphic Designer

SteveSteve Lown was educated at the Cambridge High School for Boys, now known as Hills Road Sixth Form College.   He has been self-employed since 1991, lives in Cambridge and has been responsible for a host of first-class design projects over four decades.  His contribution was critical in achieving the excellent level of graphic design enshrined in the Fylfot-Crosses in the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin Great Canfield, the Fylfot File and the Fylfot-Crosses in the Round Church Cambridge.